Sunday, September 2, 2012

"I do" vs "Single&Fabulous"

It's official: I've just become of age to go to my friends' weddings.

NOT my parents' friends' kids' weddings any more, not with my parents - it really feels weird having friends invite you to their happiest day and witness their happiness with common friends..

I really can't help think back to those times when we were silly little girls, trying to figure out whether "that boy" was fancying her or "his friend" was ever going to like me, attaching a special meaning to whatever they were saying/doing/texting (as if I don't do that any more - some things never change). Part of me wants to live those times all over again (which is very stupid because I actually would never want to go back to highschool and live thru 10 years from the beginning - too much gossip, too much drama for my taste!), while another part of me embraces a grandma-like mindset and keeps saying "you really have grown up, all of you.." (too grown up for my taste!)

And of course there come the thoughts - Do I want to be in their place? With whom? When? How? Where?..

My answer? Not just yet, for sure (for obvious reasons on the "with" part and for many others on the others) - so no worries, it seems I will remain single&fabulous (a great quote by Carrie Bradshaw) for some more time.