Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modern Day Fairytales

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a 20-something-single-girl with a newly-kicked-off career must be in want (search) of unconquered love (to be utterly and thoroughly happy). 

Yes, I'm a big Jane Austen fan. I practically grew up with Pride&Prejudice as my bedside novel. Back in midschool, I remember myself placing the people in my life in the roles of P&P characters (guess who I was?). When this game became boring, I invented another one: whenever I'm abroad, I search thru bookstores for books with a title reference to Austen/P&P (yes, I really have enough books to open my own Jane Austen store). I smile whenever I read an Austen-fan author's Austen references in between the lines - sort of an inside joke. I can even sense the Austen-impact on some authors' styles, especially on the male protagonists. Speaking of which (and cutting to the chase) - yes, ever since I was a teenage girl, I have been dreaming of the existence of a certain Mr. Darcy.

And looking at the way modern day relationships roll out, I guess we can still keep our hopes up - Darcys are really out there. Looking for examples? Some Darcys' small but meaningful gestures sometimes going unnoticed by the modern-day Elizabeths.. Extremely shy Darcys considered as smug.. Deceitful Wickhams believed to be "the one" (for a short time, hopefully) while poor Darcys are overlooked (until the Wickhams end up with their perfect-match-Ms-Nobodies).. Other Darcys selflessly and continously saving the day for Elizabeths, no matter how big or small the case.. In any case, Darcys&Elizabeths having ups&downs and arguments and misunderstandings - and yet their relationship ultimately surviving all..

See, Darcy does exist. Not as a whole maybe, but as bits and pieces in many Darcys. Call me a romantic - I'll always be a fan of modern day fairytales..

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