Thursday, May 5, 2016

So... this happened.

It had been some time since she had been on a girls night out to have a bit of fun. There could have been some underlying wishful thinking of meeting someone yes, but the main intention was simply to have fun. So she went out with her friend, did some bar hopping (say, 3-4) and finally ended up at a bar where they were really enjoying themselves. Good music, good cocktails & gossip. What else can a girl ask for? Well, here she should have reminded herself that nothing good really happens after 2 am (or even 12 am).

They were hanging out at the bar, occasionally checking out the place and appreciating the fact that the people were "their kind of people". You know, people they might have gone to the same university with, or working at similar places, or probably friends of friends. Which obviously (subconsciously) gave her the idea that well, yes, why not? She could just as well meet someone there and go on a date. And just as if on cue, a guy appeared right next to her! Quite cute, decent looking, and most importantly seeming to be interested in her. She kind of ignored him for a bit (not really as part of a "game" or anything but just wanted to understand if he was really interested). Then voila - can he buy her a drink? Well she already had her drink, so thanks but no thanks. He seemed indignant but did not push much, and even disappeared for a few minutes. Score! Caught her attention, nice game. This went on for quite a while as he kept coming to her, asking her random questions, re-offering to get a round of shots (which they finally had). They started to chat for longer periods, learnt somehow about each other. At least as a first impression, what he was saying was intriguing - experience abroad, owning a start up company, traveling around... Well, there seems to be a click there - good!

Cutting to the chase, the night went on and like any other 30-something-man could similarly intend, he was eager on taking her home. When the bar was closing down, they went out along with their friends. A bit of awkwardness, standing in front of a grocery store past 3 am. Trying to decide what to do (other than ending up with a kg of strawberries as a gift)... Then she decided - she did not want to go home with him, but then her friend was suggesting he could be good dating material. For that, why not? Interestingly though, he was not asking for a number. And she obviously was not going to prompt him or anything (felt like playing the cool chic, I guess) but her friend suddenly asked him why he wasn't doing that. Apparently he couldn't because he was engaged. Yes, engaged. Engaged as in getting married to a lovely girl some time this year. Sooo, he couldn't go on dates or anything - but apparently he was free to intend to take girls home. Interesting perception of marriage. And more interestingly, he actually had hope that the girl would go home with him, knowing the engagement, thinking it should be ok since he was free until the "I do". And how come we did not respect him for being so honest? Hmm. A brand new approach to honesty.

And what about the reactions to the story from the girl's friends? Well, that's another story by itself. All girls' reactions were consistently swearwords, whereas the guys' merely laughed off by calling the guy "amateur".

So... this happened.

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